Hi my name is Dan and I am incapable of shutting up.

Currently obsessed with: Aldnoah.Zero, Tokyo Ghoul, Xenoblade Chronicles, Zankyou no Terror


Do you honestly believe your children could win a war?

Nakagawa Koutarou — Code Geass R2 Original Soundtrack 1
The Master
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i was in the middle of rewatching code geass for the 3rd time and got distracted again


It seems like once again you’ve had to greet me with goodbye,
I’m always just about to go and spoil a surprise,
Take my hands off of your eyes too soon.


Practicing with my style, something simple. Character is Lelouch from my favorite anime Code Geass. I’m sorry I’m not very active lately but from now on I will!!! OuO 


my children happy and safe (´ε` )♡ *prays for their survival*

I’m the Avatar, doing my Avatar thing, keeping the world safe. 

Zankyou no Terror scenery

N o w h e r e is safe.